The Pathetic
Beware of these kinds of men for they will kill you with their melancholic lines. If you stick long enough with these types youll end up being an emo or you will grow angry with the world.

The Arrogant
These XY types of human being thinks that they are rockstars and their life is a movie. They will show off whatever they think they are good at even if the fact is they look stupid. Conversation is useless for they only know one type. Monologue... you just listen and if you cant take it anymore try to drink some strong stuff like muriatic acid to stop the agony from listening.

The Player
These men are the most common type. They are also the FUN type. They outnumbered the Pathetic and the Arrogant. This type have sub types. There are Players who is open to the public that they just like to play. One of the indicators that they are a player is that they dont want to tie the knot or dont want any commitment. The other type is the Players who tries to hide their true colors. They disguised themsleves as Mr. Nice guy(description below...). These are the types of men who cheats and brags about it when they are talking to their male friends, but when they are talking to thier prey they talk as if they are responsible and will try to convince you sometimes that you are soulmates. They are good with words that sometimes you just want to think and hope that what they are saying is true. If you fall for it and you dont know how to break the spell then your doomed.

The Nice Guy
they dont exist...