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another KUDOS

If you have read my Kudos to the guy at Flawless Spa located at SM bacoor that I frequently go to and those barristas at Bo's coffee shop at MOA heres another crew that truly deserve a pat on the back... The crew of Metrostar Ferry that sails to Cavite City four times a day from Mall of Asia.

Whenever they see someone with luggage or shopping/grocery bags, they'll come rushing to your side to help you carry those bags. Just like last week, as soon as I come out of the Taxi, they just asked if I am boarding to the boat going to Cavite and then smiled and carried my gadgets. They will also open an umbrella for you if its raining. They are warm and so friendly, you will always see a smile on their faces.

Metrostar Ferry is not only a great releif to commuters going to Cavite, cutting the 1.5-2 hours travel time by land in half, it is also very "chillaxing". Even if the cost is almost twice as much as the cost of the bus fare there are a lot of people who patronize it. Most of them consider Time as Gold and some of them are foreigners who just want to try it out. I always take the 3pm trip on my way home to Cavite from work. It is so nice to see the sun and the orange sky above the waters of Manila Bay with my headset playing relaxing music at deafening volume. Even if you dont have any music player on you will also enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the ferry boat.

If you are interested in their service heres some information that you might want to see:


Cavite City
Samonte Park
(back of City Hall)
Tel: (046) 431-6356
Cel: 0928-6774469

Mall of Asia
Lot2, Blk1, Coral Way
SM Mall of Asia
Tel: (02) 407-8825 to 26
Cel: 0928-6774221


Cavite City TO MOA





MOA TO Cavite City






Adults PhP 75.00

Senior Citizens PhP 60.00

Students PhP 60.00

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words that makes me want to change my "religion"

"but i think the best part of relationships is the part where you learn the true nature of someone too...the part where they get sick and you are there to carry them and hold them, the part where they are sad and you can let their head rest on your shoulder while oyu comfort them..."

"i think that sex is important, but to be the best friend of someone that you are making love to is better, sex is an easy thing, but friendship and love are eternal"

"well..i think all good things have hard work...but i think there has to mutual respect too and not look at the other as an object...but to feel them and appreciate them and have them inspire you..."

"well...i would have to say that is based on trust...i think that there are something s you cant get past like someone who cheats, but that is a character flaw in my opinion, but the most imporant thing is respect and love"

"nd i think that if you dont trust your partner then perhaps they have betrayed you and for that reason they are not the right one...its hard to be with someone who has betrayed you in such a manner that leaves you empty and bitter"

"i believe in love and eternity...i think that i would rather echo in the halls of love with one person than fade in a cemetery alone and sad because i didnt take the chance to embrace someone because i was to selfish with my desires"

"they do say if something is to good to be true than it probably is, but what about if you live your life by that do you disregard your feelings of your heart to cynicism...perhaps you will miss out on great opportunities for that very reason..."

"yeah...its a love that exists and is real...I think its what i desire in a person...Its where trust blossoms and life blooms....I do think it is harder to find as you get older, but i think its possible...its like anything you have to have faith"

"then you have to wait and find the one that does...you need to travel and look, because what we desire most is companionship in life...and it is a feeling of completeness"

"love and belongingness are basic needs that fit right above food and shelter...so without them we dont fully grow into who our best can be...at least thats what i believe"

"i want to be with someone that makes me a better person simply because they are in my life...because they effect me in such a way i am happier, i smile wider, i walk lighter and i take time to smell the flowers....i know she is out there....i will look until i find her"

makes me want to have my force sheild off and close my eyes and be lost in oblivion
and these are all coming from a guy... believe it or not...

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how a blog of a cynical girl should look like

Nothing could be worse than wanting someone that you know you can never have, or someone that you know that is just right there somewhere but is turning cold. Its like looking at a display at the mall and wanting to touch it so bad and knowing that you dont have the money to buy it. I should have seen this coming, everytime you say or hear the word I love you, theres goin to be a mess afterwards, a mess that you cant clean. it will linger and will always remind you how clumsy and careless you have been. You want to bring something back, something that you have felt the first time you say that magic words but you just dont know how because you are just not sure what was missing or not so sure if there is really something missing. You just thought that there is something missing because you feel that something has change and that change was due to that something that was missing. But i know i am the one to blame... Why should i feel sad if im the one who refused to believe that men are capable of falling in love...

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things to do: errr.. or better yet daily routine

♥Get all the help I can get to motivate myself to go to work
♦Use all my energy and all my SUPER powers to stop my evil alter ego to resurface.
♣Remove all the negative thoughts on my mind. pop the black thought bubble.
♠Be invisible.
♥Be normal.
♦Eat more chocolate. (chocolates = endorphin = happiness)
♣Wear my "force sheild" all the time but wear a smile at the same time
♠Play cupid more often
♥make more friends
♦stop breathing...