If you have read my Kudos to the guy at Flawless Spa located at SM bacoor that I frequently go to and those barristas at Bo's coffee shop at MOA heres another crew that truly deserve a pat on the back... The crew of Metrostar Ferry that sails to Cavite City four times a day from Mall of Asia.

Whenever they see someone with luggage or shopping/grocery bags, they'll come rushing to your side to help you carry those bags. Just like last week, as soon as I come out of the Taxi, they just asked if I am boarding to the boat going to Cavite and then smiled and carried my gadgets. They will also open an umbrella for you if its raining. They are warm and so friendly, you will always see a smile on their faces.

Metrostar Ferry is not only a great releif to commuters going to Cavite, cutting the 1.5-2 hours travel time by land in half, it is also very "chillaxing". Even if the cost is almost twice as much as the cost of the bus fare there are a lot of people who patronize it. Most of them consider Time as Gold and some of them are foreigners who just want to try it out. I always take the 3pm trip on my way home to Cavite from work. It is so nice to see the sun and the orange sky above the waters of Manila Bay with my headset playing relaxing music at deafening volume. Even if you dont have any music player on you will also enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the ferry boat.

If you are interested in their service heres some information that you might want to see:


Cavite City
Samonte Park
(back of City Hall)
Tel: (046) 431-6356
Cel: 0928-6774469

Mall of Asia
Lot2, Blk1, Coral Way
SM Mall of Asia
Tel: (02) 407-8825 to 26
Cel: 0928-6774221


Cavite City TO MOA





MOA TO Cavite City






Adults PhP 75.00

Senior Citizens PhP 60.00

Students PhP 60.00