hey sherie
you make me want to come out again
well im not gonna use you to hurt anybody today, im just here to say a few words to hurt you even more.
I just want to say something to prove that I am RIGHT all along
so what did you get for letting your heart run wild again?
ahh yes, NOTHING but pain
but dont worry
that makes you human, your weak after all and thats all youll ever gonna get
so to tackle at least a few things that really makes you feel icky are, first and foremost,
the line that you play on your head over and over again - "Im always thinking of you"
oohh yeah, that makes it so disgusting

tell me... why him?

you have forgotten and actually believed some of the stuff that you dont have faith with?
like for example, the distance.
you always tell yourself when someone is not physically there
he is as good as nothing
so why did you forget that?
and the fact that you dont know him that well, this is a first, a major stupidity on your part,
you almost believed that relationship is a good thing. what a crap.
but yeah you thought he is your imaginary guy that came to life but then again you were wrong.
but okay lets give him credit, for his honesty, and yeah he came close.
BUT he JUST came close.

I am also goin to say some positive things
that actually made you open your eyes and see whos been there on your side all along that cares and love you
get into a relationship. youve been single for too long. your best at solving your problem with another problem.
just go and play and have fun

so now, do what you do best. youve been good enough for too long. you know what i mean.

--your darker side

oh wait! you know you dont have any other side than me. so go ahead and throw that wings just use the horns. its more fun and much safer =P