NOT all my entries are negative
I am trying to look at the brighter side of life
and I owe that to my friend you know who you are

thats not yet the positive entry im talking about

just recently, one of my cousin got married. unexpected and on a foreign land and to a foreigner.
I asked her why and how the hell it happened.
she said you will never know its coming and once its there right in front of you, you just go ahead and grab it.
and its so funny how we were giggling like high school girls when she told me the story behind it.
made me realize that fairy tales still do come true. theres just no happy ending nor sad ending coz it never ends. life is a fairy tale. and its up to you if you want it to be a good story or not.

It also made me remember a few things that I was told when I was a newbie in the game called love...

Things to do to spice up a relationship and how to make it last

Everyday you need to see the little things that your partner do. It could be anything - cooking/preparing lunch for you, givin you a neck rub, or just by saying I love you out of the blue.

Everyday you need to laugh. Not only that it helps the relationship to be healthy it will also make you feel good and young.

Try not to cry when you are fighting. Words will become mumbly and unrecognizable when your sobbing. Fix things up like grown ups all the time.

Find a hobby. Do something that both of you loves to do.

Be spontaneous. Routinary relationship is BORING.

Have some Space. This ofcourse depends on how much time you spend with each other. You have to miss your partner sometimes.

Every year remember why you are in love with your partner and why did you choose him and why he holds that special spot and not anybody else. It could be anything. Is it the way he announce his farts or the way he holds your hand? or could be something deeper.

And of course.. be not just his girlfriend.. but also his best friend.

So there you go. Sounds easy but trust me when theres pain you will forget all about this and that pain will poison you and turn you into something self-destructive.

I do have a "self-destruct" button. I havnt pressed it yet. You wanna know where it is located? =)