why do i keep thinking about you
do you think about me too?
why am i willing to wait?
am i really waiting for something?
how will i know if a sacrifice is worth it?
how long can i hold on?
why do i catch a breath when i think of you?
and not feel the same towards others who is just within my reach.
why cant i let this feeling go away?
why do i want to believe now that something can really last forever?
i used to think i can live alone.
why do i feel incomplete without you?
why do i have to feel like this?
i havnt done anything wrong
i dont deserve this.
why is it that all of a sudden i wanna know what love is?
why am i willing to give relationship another shot.
why am i getting myself ready for another pain?
when i have told myself that it will never happen again.
why do i feel weak?
when i know that im tougher than this.
why dont i give a damn if your playing with me or not?
why do i keep hoping that you are serious if i really dont know if you are?
i guess im just gonna have to let things happen.
see what tomorrow will bring
live for the day
try to keep on breathing
maybe just like before,
this will soon be over
even before i knew its over