when I talked to your cousin I was waiting for him to tell me the words "JOKE LANG" when he said your already gone.
Till now i still wish these are all part of a bad dream.
your another reason why I will force myself to believe theres afterlife
I will definitely see you again soon maybe in another lifetime
but in this lifetime,
I will be forever grateful that, even if you are taken away too soon, we have crossed paths
you have become like a brother to me and I will never forget you
thank you for being a brother to my sisters too
thanks for all the happy memories that you become a part of during my college life
most of all those trippings outside our college life
and thanks for the dog you once gave me
advance happy birthday next month
I knew your entire 27 years of existence are all good.
Ill see you again someday Dude!
for now I have to stay on earth and endure more pain that life has to throw at me
I, for sure, am going to miss you a LOT...
ill see you when i get there.♥