maybe 20 years from now
well both sit down and have a few beers
we might be happier than we are today
contented than we are right now
...or might be the total opposite
we might feel a lil weird to be back on that same place
it'll be cute if we are going wear the similar brown polyester shirt
reminisce about the stupid things we used to do when we were young
and worry about our own kids... if we are goin to have any
rant about our current husband and wife..(again, if we are goin to have any)
rave about the things we did that we think are great at least to our standards
feel sorry for all the time we should have spent together.. if only we dont have to work and make money

talk about silly games we used to play when we were young

and the silly games we still play when we got old =P
talk about how time flies and how gray our hairs are
check how many beers we can still take before we start talking spanish or french
argue about that stupid thing we used and still argue about since way back god-knows-when
but still be thankfull coz we met and we became friends

they say in a life time if you happen to find 3 persons you can call BEST friend, you can be considered the most wealthiest person in the world.

well then I AM FILTHY RICH!

even if one of the best friends i got is an A**HOLE!! harharhar