this entry is not about a party or some goodtimes that happened on a saturday night. this is about how boring my saturday night is. =P
sorry but i just cant contain it! I have to at least blurt that word out. i have to be at work every damn saturday night of my life. this TANGINIS schedule is locked until november! kainis! wooooh! HOLY COWPUNK! my off falls on sunday and tuesday night! well that is a very nice rest day for those people who LOVES BALLROOM DANCING!!! (another TANGINIS). the only good thing that I can think of or at least happens during my saturday shift is that my officemates seems to be making it a pizza day for everybody. we eat pizza every saturday even if we are already sick and tired of eating pizza, even if you wanna throw up with just the smell of it, you still have to eat pizza coz its saturday, and saturday is pizza day! =P and the guy who keeps calling me bogart at work is off every saturday so thats a YEY! well i am really known as "bogart" on my previous workplace because i tell everybody that my name is bogart but yeah i cant reverse it anymore so i just let it pass and let them call me bogart. I cant remember what state of mind im at when I told the whole class on my previous workplace that my name is bogart. All i remember is that I am so sleepy at that time and my mouth is not in sync with my brain. Its like the mouth just want to keep talking without the brain processing what should be blurted out. I remember that i even said i like movies that involves killing animals and if they share the same passion they can go to my place in cavite. nyahaha

another good thing about my saturday night shift is.... uhmm... another good thing... oh yeah... well... eh.. I cant think of anything else... besides im getting paid for reading bob ongs book for almost 8 hours while eating pizza.